International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)

Designing communication materials to help heal fractured communities and restore confidence in the rule of law

Annual Report Challenging Legacies of Impunity identity publications


For over a decade Designlounge has worked with the International Center for Transitional Justice  (ICTJ) to design the organization’s logo identity, a comprehensive publication template system, six annual reports, a series of special reports and many other smaller but no less important communication materials.
ICTJ assists countries pursuing accountability for past mass atrocity or human rights abuse. The Center works in societies emerging from repressive rule or armed conflict, as well as in established democracies where historical injustices or systemic abuse remain unresolved.
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ICTJ Logo Justice Truth Dignity
Logo identity with the tagline in four different languages
ICTJ 40th Year Logo
Logo identity for the 10 year anniversary of ICTJ

A Compact Capabilities Brochure

We designed a compact brochure with a large fold-out spread that presents ICTJ’s capabilities as well as its mission and values. The brochure communicates the organization’s various approaches to transitional justice and provides a detailed overview of the countries where it helps societies to address legacies of massive human rights violations.
An earlier version of the brochure included an even more detailed map entitled “Our work around the world.”
ICTJ Capabilities Brochure foldout spread Where We Work
Brochure folded and unfolded
ICTJ Capabilities Brochure foldout map our work around the world
The map “Our work around the world” provided a detailed look where ICTJ works and in what capacities

Annual Report 2011: A Year of Change

The 2011 annual report theme centered around the “Arab Spring,” a time of profound change in that region of the world. The report described ICTJ’s active involvement with robust initiatives in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, and in the Middle East/North Africa region. The report was designed around short, bold statements, a clear layout, and strong photography.
ICTJ Annual Report A Year of Change, Arabic Spring Cover
ICTJ Annual Report A Year of Change, Arabic Spring spreads

Annual Report 2006-07 in the style of a magazine

We created the 2006 – 07 annual report as a magazine that included different stories laid out with engaging page designs in order to add interest to a field that could be perceived as academic, but that has real-life, real-world effects wherever the organization applies its knowledge and expertise.
ICTJ Annual Report Challenging Legacies of Impunity Cover
ICTJ Annual Report Challenging Legacies of Impunity magazine spreads
ICTJ Annual Report Challenging Legacies of Impunity magazine spreads
“Without justice that leads to stable peace, you cannot have a functioning country that promotes education, health, and all of the other things people need for a normal life.”1
  1. This is a quote of a former child soldier and it is true anywhere in the world.
ICTJ Principles Banners life size
We designed a series of banners to commemorate the 10th anniversary of ICTJ
ICTJ Principles Outdoor Banners
ICTJ Strategic Plan Printed Report Cover
ICTJ Strategic Plan report spreads
ICTJ asked us to design a publication to visualize the next several phases in the evolution of the organization’s strategic direction.

Identity Guide and Stationery

“International Center for Transitional Justice” is a long name and “ICTJ” has become the internationally accepted acronym for this organization that works in 5 continents and many countries. The logo system needed to be simple and flexible so it could be adapted to work across different languages. We also created the basic stationery system as well as two detailed identity and editorial style guides.
ICTJ Identity and Publication Style Guide Cover
ICTJ Identity and Publication Style Guide spreads
ICTJ Stationery letterhead business card
Identity syle guide and stationery system
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